Adult Day Care Center for Senior Citizens

This Software allow you to manage adult day care center and activities for adult day care services.

Main Features:

  • Allow Visitor / Customer / Adult Person to create day care request registration as self assessment form.
  • Once request created in backend - system will send email to notify person who submit request by email.
  • Management of Adult dare care request and registrations in backend system by Sales / Respected Teams
  • Communication in open chatter for more details gathering.
  • Printing Adult Dare Care registration pdf report.
  • Quote/Sales order can be created from Day Care Registration.
  • Billing and Invocing.
  • Task generation from Sales order.
  • Meetings can be created from Task.
  • History of Adult Person in system.
  • Report of meetings and Adult person history of activities.
  • For more details please watch video and below screenshots.
  • Click here to see old version video
  • Click here to see new version video

Menus Available:

  • Day Care
    • Members
      • Members
      • Adult Members
    • Requests
      • Day Care Requests
      • Approved Requests
    • Orders
      • Quotations
      • Orders
    • Activities
      • Adult Activities
      • Activities
      • Pricelists
    • Tasks
      • Schedules
      • Projects
      • Tasks
    • Reports
      • Activities
    • Configuration
      • Activity Type

Highlevl Workflow Process

  • Customer / Adult Person Fill Self Assessement form ==> Create Inquiries in Backend ==> Create Qoute / Sales Order ==> Task Created by System + Invoice/Billing Created ==> Create Meeting Schedules by Task / Activity.

Day Care Webpage / Homepage

You have to design home page by yourself - This is just for demo purpose.

Day Care Assessment Request Form

Thanks Message

Day Care Requests List View

Day Care Requests

Day Care Requests - Extra Info Tab

Day Care Requests - Day Care Information

Day Care Requests - Email

Approved Requests

Day Care Requests - Update Adult Information

When you click on Update Adult Information Button update day care request info on Adult Person.

Customers List

Adult Members List

Checked "Is Adult Member?" For assign as Adult Member

Adult Members - Applicant Information

Adult Members - Medical Information

Activity Type

Adult Members - Day Care Activities

Adult Members - Lead Detail

Activities - Is Adult Activity

Sales Order - Adult Members

Created Task on Sale Order Line

Task - Adult Person, Create Meeting

Meeting - Day Care Activities

Meeting - Day Care Information

Quotations List View

Orders List View

Day Care Activities List

Adult Activity List View

Pricelist List View

Passed Adult Person - Sale Order to Invoice

Activity Report

Print Adult Care Detail

Adult Member PDF Report

Print Day Care Information

Day Care Request PDF Report

Sale Order Report

Invoice Report

Tasks/Schedules/Adult Care Meeting

Schedule Report