Frequency Regulation Services and a Firm Wind Product: 

AES Energy Storage Laurel Mountain Battery Energy Storage (BESS)

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Frequency Regulation Services and a Firm Wind Product: 
AES Energy Storage Laurel Mountain Battery Energy Storage (BESS)
Belington, WV  
Frequency Regulation and Renewable Energy Integration  
AES Wind Generation, a subsidiary of AES Corporation formed in 2005 that operates more than 1,900MW of wind capacity in the U.S., China and Europe.  
AES Energy Storage, a subsidiary of AES Corporation, is the owner-operator of advanced storage projects that provide emissions-free capacity to improve the performance and reliability of today’s power grid.  
Operational since September 2011 


AES Laurel Mountain is a 98MW wind power generation plant located in Belington, WV that is built to supply more than 260,000MWh of renewable energy annually to the PJM Interconnection. However, since wind generation is variable, wind power plants are unable to supply capacity services to assist with grid reliability or earn additional revenue associated with those services like most other power plants.


Building on its five years of implementing grid scale storage and history as a global developer of power generation, AES developed a 32MW/8MWh grid energy storage solution at the Laurel Mountain facility. The storage system is the largest of its kind and uses A123 System’s advanced lithium ion battery technology. AES employed its storage operating system (sOS) for market optimization and interacts with controls in A123’s proprietary AEROS™ management system.


The energy storage system enables AES Laurel Mountain to provide frequency regulation services to the PJM market, adding a revenue stream and operating capability not available from most wind generating plants. This emissions-free operating reserve capacity plays a critical role in maintaining overall grid reliability and AES operates it at better than 95% availability. In addition, the storage system provides the capability to moderate the output of the wind generation to manage ramp rates or other factors. The facility was recognized as 2011 Wind Project of the Year by Renewable Energy World.

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