Peak Shaving to Reduce Energy Costs: 

EaglePicher Power Pyramid™ Hybrid Battery

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Peak Shaving to Reduce Energy Costs:  
EaglePicher Power Pyramid™ Hybrid Battery
Joplin, Mo  
Peak Shaving  
EaglePicher technologies, LLC – Battery Technology and Manufacturing  
EaglePicher Technologies, LLC, an OM Group company, is a leading provider of technologically advanced products and solutions for critical energy storage applications in the aerospace, defense, medical markets, and distributed energy storage markets. Since it first initiated research into battery storage technology in 1922, EPT has provided millions of proprietary battery and related products such as battery management systems, energetic devices, and smart chargers to its customers. Expertise in more than 25 specialty battery chemistries, EPT offers a diverse portfolio of products to provide its customers with best-in-class power system solutions.  
EaglePicher Technologies, LLC, Princeton Power and Arista  
Commissioned June 29, 2012 


The Power Pyramid ™ system provides seamless power to the load via multiple input sources. In this demonstration project, the input sources will include 10 kW wind turbine, 20 kW solar comprised of multiple solar panels and multi-tier battery storage comprised of multiple electro-chemistries.


The Power Pyramid™ project approach surpasses typical storage techniques by leveraging multiple storage technologies, minimizing the shortcomings typically associated with any single electrochemical systems, and providing the best overall performance value. There are three battery technologies demonstrated in this system, Li-ion, tubular Pb-Acid, and AGM Pb-acid. --Power rating; 1 MW --Energy rating; 2 MWh The system is easily scalable for larger stationary installations or smaller portable applications.


Currently the system at EaglePicher is being used to shave about 200kW from the 500kW daily usage of the facility. All tiers are operational and remote control/access is included. In addition, the wind turbine and solar panels are providing an additional 10kW to 20kW of power each day depending upon the environmental conditions.With the commissioning in late June we continue to accumulate data in different profile configurations. We also continue to gather data with regard to system efficiencies. In general the overall system is functioning as planned. From lessons learned, we would improve cooling system methods, better EMI filtering, and upgraded BMS for the tiers. Next generation designs will incorporate all these modifications. The system is economical and depending on tariff structure/demand charges a 4-7 year ROI can be achieved. The Power Pyramid™ solution can reduce cost by managing time-of-use rate differentiation and reliably controlling even power distribution for alternative energies, such as wind, solar, and grid power. The company’s breakthrough concept will set new standards for integrating intermittent renewable energy sources.

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