Saft Li-ion batteries helps Gran Canaria’s STORE project integrate renewables

Name of Project:
Saft Li-ion batteries helps Gran Canaria’s STORE project integrate renewables
Gran Canaria, Endesa (Spain)  
Renewable Integration  
Spanish government’s Centre for the Development of Industrial Technology and Endesa  


Installing Saft’s energy storage system (ESS) on Gran Canaria is an ideal opportunity to evaluate the technical and economic viability of innovative solutions by making reserves of energy available in isolated locations, distribution substations and for energy arbitrage. Endesa, part of the Enel Group and Spain’s largest utility, operates two, large thermal power plants, as well as the transmission and distribution network on the island of Gran Canaria. Endesa aims to demonstrate how energy storage can maximize the integration of renewable energy, including wind and photovoltaic (PV), within utility networks to optimize grid infrastructure. Saft helps the Gran Canaria project demonstrate how ESS can address problems inherent in isolated networks with low installed generation capacity. It also explains how grid stability can be influenced by the intermittent nature of renewables. These instances are especially relevant when conventional generation costs are higher than on mainlands due to variable costs, such as fuel.


Saft designed a fully integrated turnkey ESS based on Intensium® Max 20+ containerized systems tailored to meet Endesa’s power, energy and voltage window requirements. The system has a rating of 1MW power and 3MWh energy storage capacity, built from Saft’s well-proven reliable and maintenance-free Li-ion cells with a 20-year design life. Built in a standard industrial container, smooth delivery, installation and commissioning are assured. The megawatt-scale system helps Gran Canaria make the most of its existing infrastructure. 


Saft’s fully integrated ESS turnkey solution enables Endesa to store and dispatch energy on Gran Canaria with a shaving peak demand on the grid substation. Saft’s technology helps compensate for the intermittent production of wind farms and solar PV installations and provides a power conversion system for grid connection. With Saft’s ESS in place, ancillary services such as frequency regulation and voltage control are possible on the grid. Power management and control interfaces, as well as air conditioning and safety devices are all provided to Gran Canaria with Saft’s technology. The project demonstrates the technical and economic visibility of large-scale energy storage as a solution for three challenges: reducing need for grid infrastructure upgrades, improving the reliability and operation of the grid in island networks and further increasing the penetration of intermittent renewable generation.

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