Saft’s Synerion® 24M medium-power Li-ion batteries help New York City grid become smarter

Name of Project:
Saft’s Synerion® 24M medium-power Li-ion batteries help New York City grid become smarter
New York City  
Grid Stabilization  
Consolidated Edison  
Green Charge Network  
Department of Energy  
Installation began in March 2012 


Saft’s lithium-ion (Li-ion) energy storage systems (ESS) provide Green Charge Networks (GCN) with the resources to install and operate a network of Smart Storage and Generation Units to overcome peaks in demand and communicate directly with Consolidated Edison (ConEd). ConEd operates one of the largest, most complex and reliable electric power systems in the world, including 130,000 miles of underground and overhead cables. The electrical infrastructure in New York is under great pressure, and ConEd is very limited in the upgrades it can make since underground conduits have little to no physical space for additional cabling. ConEd was tasked with identifying, developing and testing new technologies within the electric delivery system to help build a smarter, more efficient grid. The project scope includes integrating smart grid architecture and measuring the effects of widespread electric vehicle adoption on the grid.


Saft’s partnership with GCN helps ConEd relieve the load on the New York City and Westchester County electric grid that is operating at maximum capacity. Demand is expected to rise, so the current asset utilization must be maximized to relieve the grid’s current load. Saft supplies GCN with two systems totaling close to one megawatt-hour, utilizing the Synerion® 24M medium-power Li-ion batteries. The individual Li-ion module has a 20-year design life with high capacity and immediate power, providing 24V and 2kWh with the highest energy efficiency of all available battery ESS. This system is developed specifically for renewable integration, grid regulation, load leveling, energy storage and UPS applications. Its compact design enables discreet installation at convenience stores and other businesses without the need to invest in bespoke housings.


Saft’s Synerion® 24M modules aid ConEd’s demand for growth and manages spikes with a relatively modest capital expenditure. The system also contributes to peak shaving on New York’s congested and maxed out network. In addition, Saft’s contribution paved the way for configurability to allow large commercial consumers to avoid high demand charges. Operation now works with natural lows and highs in energy consumption to deliver more energy at peak times without additional capacity.

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