Deco Jones Group - Engagement Policy

  1. To establish a relationship with Deco Jones, the client must sign a Non-Disclosure/Non-Circumvent Agreement

  2. The Client then submits a Letter of Intent (LOI) describing its specific project information.

  3. The Client must provide proof of funds or financial capability to meet the obligations of a Purchase / Service Contract with Deco Jones.

  4. Once the LOI and proof of financial capability is delivered, Company will release the Introductory Packet, which provides a general overview of Deco Jones. Client will receive the Power Intake Questionnaire

  5. Upon request of the Client, Deco Jones will issue a letter confirming an appointment for a Client visit to our Headquarters. At this meeting the client will be able to inspect and test with their engineering team our green clean renewable energy technology. A detailed project requirements and outlines between Deco Jones and the Client are to be documented in a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU).

Intermediaries or other entities not involved are not included in this meeting.

The next step required is a signed Deco Jones MOU. The MOU must either be signed by an executive of authority from the Client or be signed by an executive of authority from another entity on behalf of the Client. Any commitment by another entity on behalf of the Client must be accompanied by a Letter of Authorization from the Client.

  1. Upon receiving the MOU, the Client will meet with the Deco Jones team to complete the proposed
    Service Agreements. Any due diligence / studies required by the Client will be at the Client’s expense.

  2. Once the Service Agreements are complete, our technical division will complete its due diligence for the
    Service Agreements

  3. When Deco Jones and the Client are ready to finalize, we will review all necessary preliminary Service and License Agreements.

  4. Deco Jones will send the finalized Agreements to the Client for execution. End-User will provide land location and security for said equipment.
    Deco Jones provides a Performance Bond to secure the End-User within Service Agreement. This way if for any reason a power plant is down the End-User has the right to purchase energy from the local grid, which will be at a higher rate. The End-User is under no loss and there will be no issue of any deficit with equipment performance.

  5. The End-User will always make monthly payment without deductions of any kind for any extra expense; bond will reimburse the difference directly to End-User.

  6. The End-User is secured as he will always pay a fixed rate throughout the Lease Period with a small yearly escalator for the service contract.

Deco Jones Engagement Policy

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