The Solution for GBS of Cabinet Type


1.The solution for GBS of cabinet type

The solution should be connected to the end of power distribution grid to improve power distribution capability.
The grid battery station (GBS) of cabinet type is fitted in the compact vehicle-mounted container, thus flexible for moving and convenient for installation.

(1)Balance power grid

PCS and micro-grid controller are mainly used for power grid. When power demand is low, they can supply power to battery for storage via power distribution grid; while when demand is high, the power should be discharged to grid via battery to balance power load

(2)Receive dispatching order from power grid

The energy storage system strictly follows MODBUS RTU communication protocol, which can flexibly interact with grid’s remote terminal device and data collection and monitoring control system. Besides, it can receive dispatching order from grid’s auto monitoring system to realize the functions of remote signaling, remote measurement, remote controlling and remote regulation

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The wind power grid-connection storage system is composed of wind power generator, conversion system, power grid, storage system and monitoring master station


(3)Standalone inverter power function

When power supply is cut off, the energy storage system can be worked as standalone power source to provide AC power to some important loads

(4)Support static/dynamic power grid

The energy storage system supports static and dynamic grid and provides active power and reactive power for power grid according to dispatching orders

(5)Several charging/discharging strategies

Various battery management systems (BMS) shall be provided for different users’ operating environments. The system can supply the best charging/discharging strategy to let it operate stably and efficiently

2.The solution of wind / energy storage system

The solution can better make up the randomness and intermittent of wind power and assist peak shifting of grid to improve its stability. Moreover, the surplus energy shall be stored to enhance utilization rate of wind power 

3.The solution of PV/storage/ output integrated system 

The Solution is used to assist the grid of PV power generation, which can make up the randomness and intermittent of PV power generation, improve energy quality,help grid peak shifting and enhance grid stability 

  • The PV grid-connection storage system mainly consists PV power generation, PV inversion, power grid, energy storage system and storage monitoring station.

  • The storage dual-directional inverter shall invert energy from the PV panel to DC for power supply during power peaking period at sunny day; while the power from grid can be converted into DC for charging the lithium iron phosphate battery via the storage dual-directional inverter during power valley period at night.

  • When the energy provided by the PV panel is fluctuated due to climate factors, the lithium iron phosphate battery shall be used to charge or discharge , with the purpose to fill in and level up wave energy of the PV panel.

  • Finally, stable electricity from the PV energy storage system can be guaranteed and provide for power grid. 

    When the power supply is cut off, but some local important loads need the electricity, the energy storage system shall invert energy from battery into the stable three-phase voltage.

  • The output voltage shall be provided to the loads via external power distribution system for emergency power.

The energy storage system can improve the grid balance and strengthen the grid stability by dynamically absorbing and real-time releasing energy. When average wind speed is high and much more electricity is output from the generator, the remaining energy will be saved and stored by the energy storage system. While if the average wind speed is low or no wind available, the energy will be released from the storage system. The combination of energy storage system with the prediction of wind power and the application of grid dispatching technology can better ensure energy quality and grid safety and stability. 

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4.The Solution of Wind/ PV/ Storage/ Output Integrated System  

The wind power and solar power are complementary with each other for large areas, to be specific, solar energy accumulated at daytime and summer and strong wind at night and winter. Although the solar power and wind power are very independent, the wind/PV integrated power generation system can make up the disadvantages of wind power and solar power.According to grid power load and natural resources conditions, the rational configuration of wind/PV / storage integrated power system’s capacity can obviously improve the stability of power generation system and power quality.

5.Customized solution

Various customized solutions are put forward for different areas 

(1)The Solution for Islands 

The system solves the problem of power utilization in island area. The traditional method of diesel power generation is adopted for the island, which will produce heavy pollution and noise to damage the vulnerable environments. In Addition, the supply of diesel will aggravate the traffic cost.

The power generation system by distributed renewable energy adopts abundant renewable energy in island. In addition, the system can improve energy quality by removing the low reliability of diesel generation.

High salt-fog resistance class
Special rain-proof structure
Perfect temperature and humidity monitoring system
Selected damp-heat electronic element and slop structure for electric structure
Lightning-protection structure

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(2)The Solution for Plateau and Alpine  

The system is mainly used in alpine and plateau regions since these areas are sparsely populated. If the traditional power grid is established, it may occur some problems like low economical efficiency and difficult maintenance. 
The distributed renewable energy system takes advantages of abundant solar energy and wind energy in alpine and plateau regions. Besides, the system can remotely monitor the operation status of the whole system to conduct troubleshooting. 
Improve total capacity of battery by derating 
The tailored battery can release energy under wide temperature conditions and harsh environment 
The control of temperature can provide suitable operating temperature for electric components 
Insulated process can prevent potential safety accidents caused by electric spark 

3)The Solution for Smart Community 

The solution can be applied in home energy storage system. The electricity originated from PV power generator, wind power generating devices and power grid when electricity price is low. The surplus electricity shall be stored in energy storage system, which can not only be used as emergency power, but also save cost for family.

Mutual-complementary power generation between renewable energy and power supply 
Overload and output short circuit protection under some emergency conditions, battery reverse connection protection; the protection of under voltage or over voltage of battery 
Smart and perfect lithium battery management system: auto equalization, high precision voltage collection, the consistency of cell type 
Stable performance, safety, reliable, long service life 

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