Hybrid Energy Storage Systems

(Solid State | Portable Power)

Construction Sites
Disaster Prevention
Medical Utilities
Public Utilities
Apple Platform
Android Platform

R & D Patents

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Deco Jones with its partners has obtained the followings

  • ISO 9001,

  • ISO 14001,

  • TS 16949  

  • SA 8000 certification,

The product passed the

  • UL,

  • PSE,

  • CE,

  • FCC,

  • KC,

  • SAA UN38.3 certification.

In addition, all products are RoHS compliant.


USB-C Portable Power Storage System

portable power

Suitable for apartment, disaster prevention center, hospital, office, personal use (mobile phones, PC, LED  lights) at the time of disaster, camps, outdoor activities etc. Charging from optional AC power supply, solar  panel, car cigar socket

AC Output