Laundry Management App
 Industrial Module Which Helps You To Manage Laundry Service


This is an industrial specific module  for Laundry Management. It manages the laundry process with assigning works to workers.


Access Rights 
Laundry Manager : Laundry manager have all the access across the fleet rental management 
Laundry User : Laundry user can read, write and create the records.


 Recording Laundry Order.

 Assigning Works.

 Make Invoices.

 Separate View for Works.

 Billing Facility for Extra Works.

 Label Printing for Every Order.

 Detailed Laundry Work Analysis Report.

 Access Rights From Multiple Level.

 Configuration for Washing Type.

 Configuration for Extra Works (Ironing/Patching etc..).


 Recording Laundry Order

Laundry Management -> Laundry Management -> Laundry Order

When you install this module, an extra menu Laundry Management will created in main menu. Youcan see the different sub menus under the main menu. Here you can create Laundry Order via clicking the 'Create' button. There you can specify the customer, laundry person, order lines with washing type and Extra works for your order.
When you confirm the Laundry Order the corresponding works will created under the assigned person. There you can add extra products also. It will also add in Billing.

 Laundry Label

You can print label for each order from the print menu.

 Laundry Works

Laundry Management -> Laundry Management -> Laundry Works

This is the Separate Laundry Works Form. Here you can see the work status of Laundry Works.
If there is any extra works , it will created as work When you finish the main work. Then we can see the status of that order line is become 'Make Over'.


You can create Invoice via the button 'Create Invoice' when the order reaches to 'Done' state.
You can see all the Invoice through the smart button "Invoices" from the Laundry Order form.


You can configure washing types from the menu Laundry Management -> Configuration -> Washing Type by specifying the name, assigned person and service charge
You can configure additional works from the menu Laundry Management -> Configuration -> Additional Works by specifying the name, assigned person and service charge

 Laundry Work Analysis Report

You can also analyse your all Laundry Works from Laundry Management -> Report -> Laundry Order Analysis.