Energy Efficiency Division (MassDOER)

Mass DOER's Energy Efficiency Division develops, implements, and oversees energy efficiency activities in the Commonwealth in conjunction with other state and federal agencies.

Who we serve  ( Coal to Gas Power Conversion)

Massachusetts is invested in helping individuals, businesses, organizations, and governments make smarter choices about energy. Using energy more efficiently can help reduce waste, save money, grow our economy, and reduce greenhouse gas emissions--that is why energy efficiency is our first fuel. 

Zero Net Energy Buildings (ZNEB)

The Pathways to Zero Net Energy Program is a $3.5 Billion DOER initiative designed to assist with a transition to the next generation of high-performance buildings

Commercial and residential buildings are major contributors to greenhouse gas emissions. Buildings consume 40 percent of primary energy used annually in the United States and 54 percent of energy used annually in Massachusetts. Our state is working to transform energy use in old and new buildings, moving toward super-efficiency and zero net energy renovation and construction, efforts critical to slowing the harmful progress of climate change. 

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