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Solar Roof Tile - Available NOW

Product Description 

Solar Tile

Environmentally friendly building materials. The combination of traditional building materials and thin-film solar technology can not only replace traditional tiles as building materials, but also replace traditional photovoltaic panels.

30W Single Glass Solar Tile

Solar tile not only has the functions of waterproofing and heat insulation, but also changes the dependence of buildings on external energy sources, making zero-energy buildings possible.

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Solar Roof Tiles | Shingles Available NOW.

Solar Power Farms
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Waste 2 Energy
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24 Hrs Solar Telecom Towers Base Station

Lithium Battery products can be applied in Telecom / Solar Energy Storage Systems, with effective solution to solve the instability and inconsistency of power generated by renewable energy solutions, such as wind and solar.

  • The power system is built with 12 independent 48V50Ah battery modules. Each battery module is with 2.4Kwh. 

  • The system is environmental friendly and energy-saving. 

  • It is a combination of solar power generation system and wind power generation system.

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About Deco Jones Group :

The range of DJG solutions continues to expand in response to the emergence of new technologies, entire new industries; more stringent regulatory demands and changing client needs. Heightened public and private awareness of serious global energy and environmental challenges also energizes our work.
DJG systems today are delivering reliable performance for projects around the world, in a wide range of industries. We also build Proven Waste 2 Energy Power Plants, starting from 50 TPD on up.




Waste 2 Energy

  • 90% reduction of trash volume

  • Power generation

  • Pollution control 

The range of DJG solutions continues to expand in response to the emergence of new technologies, entire new industries, more stringent regulatory demands and changing client needs. Heightened public and private awareness of serious global energy and environmental challenges also energizes our work.

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Gasification Power Plants

The plant will be comprised of modular standard 50 ton/hr dry RDF and or Biomass gasification  systems  which  will  supply  around  4,000  Nm3/hr  syngas  to  a  syngas engine power generation unit per system. The expected power output of the proposed plant is 50MWe per day (2MWe per hour) plus surplus thermal heat around 60MWt per day per gasification unit. The gasification plant is prepared in modular concept and up to 250 ton per day RDF or Biomass multi-gasification units (5 gasification systems each 50 ton/day) can be built in the same site which will produce power of around 250 MWe per day (10MWe per hour). The gasification plant will also include the associated ancillary structural buildings.

Deco Jones   will  provide  gasification  systems  which  will  take  50  ton/day  RDF  per gasifier  module  for  specified  RDF  feedstock  and  the client  will provide  all other necessary equipment’s and site for this proposed project.
Proposed  Gasification  System  is  provided  by  Deco Jones   will  be  discussed  in  this proposal  and  it  mainly  includes  gasifier  reactor  with  ash  discharge,  gas  clean  up system including, cyclone filters, gas coolers, water scrubber with water re-circulation tank,  WESP,  gas  suction  blower,  pipe work, syngas flare stack, instruments with control system and frame structure.

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Core  Expertise

1 -   Solar / Wind Project Management:

Renewable energy is one of the most popular topics in utilization of the electric energy resources. There are various types of alternative energy, which can be used as electrical energy. However, the suitableness of the green energy in a certain country is depending on some criteria such as geographical location, the availability of energy and so on. In order to establish the renewable energy, a well-planned strategy and management must be acquired. 

The main objective of Renewable Energy Project Management is to analyse the causal relation of some important criteria of project planning and development of a various energy projects.

2 -  Energy Project Management:

By using a system dynamic approach, it is found that government policies, investment of renewable energy, energy demand, geographical location and fund management are the most important criteria that need to be considered among others.

In addition, the information of the criteria relationship is further investigated by using the stock flow diagram. From the diagram, the factors that affect project’s expenditure could be analysed. This is very important to a developing country where more budgets can be allocated for other facilities, cultures, infrastructure, science, and technology development. By utilize the renewable energy, the carbon dioxide emission can be reduced and contribution to a sustainable and long term alternative energy resources country. 

3 - Energy Storage Project Management:

Deco Jones Consulting is a leading authority in the energy storage space. We draw from over 850,000 hours of grid-connected system operations to bring clarity to a fast-changing market. 

Our unmatched level of experience and expertise in technology, software, finance, regulation, and deployment is leveraged to determine the most cost-effective client solution for any energy storage requirement. 

4 - Energy Storage Systems ESS:

Energy storage is the capture of energy produced at one time for use at a later time. A device that stores energy is sometimes called an  accumulator. Energy comes in multiple forms including radiation,  chemical,  gravitational potential,  electrical potential, electricity, elevated temperature,  latent heat and  kinetic. Energy storage involves converting energy from forms that are difficult to store to more conveniently or economically storable forms. 

5 - Power Purchase Agreements ( PPA ):

Power Purchase Agreement (PPA), or electricity power agreement, is a contract between two parties, one which generates electricity (the seller) and one which is looking to purchase electricity (the buyer). The PPA defines all of the commercial terms for the sale of electricity between the two parties, including when the project will begin commercial operation, schedule for delivery of electricity, penalties for under delivery, payment terms, and termination.

A PPA is the principal agreement that defines the revenue and credit quality of a generating project and is thus a key instrument of project finance. There are many forms of PPA in use today and they vary according to the needs of buyer, seller, and financing counter parties.

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Major Types of Power Purchase Agreements ( PPA ):

Direct PPA

A direct PPA is an agreement made between a renewable energy generator and an end user in which power produced by a wind or solar facility is physically delivered to power the corporate buyer’s operations. Because the corporate offtaker actually takes title to the energy produced in this type of deal, the final price for delivered power is a function of the contracted PPA price plus transmission-related expenses. 

Financial PPA

Like direct PPAs, are transacted directly between the generating facility and the corporate offtaker, but the crucial difference is that no renewable power is physically delivered. Consequently, instead of routing renewable power to the offtaker, the generation facility sells their renewable power directly to the grid and receives the open market price. 

Virtual PPA

A virtual PPA is basically a form of price hedge. A company enters into a contract to pay a renewable energy project on an agreed take-off price. The renewable energy project sells the generated power into the local wholesale market on a merchant basis.

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